Keep Baby Safe at the Beach

4 Jul


The beach is a huge draw for families on vacation. Some families take every vacation they have to the beach to play in the sand and surf, and to feel the cool ocean breezes. If you’re taking a baby to the beach for the first time, there are a few safety precautions you need to know, to keep him safe and happy. Below are a few tips on beach safety for babies and toddlers.

Keep Your Baby Safe at the Beach

Parents often wonder if their child is too young to enjoy the beach. That all really depends. If you have a baby that transitions easily to new environments, than a visit to the beach might be a big hit with baby. If you decide to give the beach a try, be sure you:

  • Use Sunscreen: Sunscreen is approved for use on babies as young as 6 months. If your child is younger than that, it would be wise to call your pediatrician first, before applying sunscreen on your baby. Sunscreen must be reapplied regularly in order to protect your child, so bring a bottle with you to the beach.
  • Find Shade: The sun can burn baby’s skin so easily. Even if you use sunscreen it’s wise to find a shady spot you can place your child under throughout your visit. A beach umbrella or a fold-up cabana are great ways to keep baby in the shade.
  • Wear Shoes: The sand can burn your baby’s feet, so make sure he’s wearing water shoes or beach shoes that will protect him from the hot sand.
  • Be Wary of Sand: You’ll need a bed spread or a large covering for your baby so that he can get away from the sand. Babies may place their sandy hands in their mouths or their eyes, which will make for a miserable trip for both you. Make sure someone is constantly watching your child so that you can avoid a sandy encounter.
  • Bring Toys: After a while, your baby may loose interest in his new surroundings. A few reliable and dependable toys may help keep your child amused and happy.
  • Look Out for Debris and Shells: There can be a lot of debris at the beach, including trash that your child might want to pick up and put in his mouth. Clear your area of anything that might be dangerous, including sharp shells that can cut your child.
  • Keep Baby Hydrated: It’s so important that your baby stay hydrated at the beach. Nurse or bottlefeed as usual, and make sure you offer liquids frequently. Water or a combination of juice and water might also be a good idea.
  • No When to Leave: At some point your child may want to head back to the hotel or beach house. Be prepared to leave when he’s ready. There’s really no point to forcing a fussy baby to stay at the beach if he doesn’t want to.

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